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Breach Review, Extraction & Notification

Breach Review, Extraction & Notification

Our experienced review teams identify and extract protected information from exposed records and deliver a consolidated notification list without redundancies.

Collaborative Planning

Breach Counsel understands the types of sensitive information your company stores: PII, PHI, FERPA, trade secrets, etc. Our experts develop an efficient, defensible, cost-effective cyber incident response plan to create a thorough notification list that meets regulatory needs.

Review Expertise

Subject matter expertise increases efficiency and accuracy in breach review. Our review teams have honed the skills needed to streamline the review process. Since every data set is unique, we build our review teams to meet each customer’s specific cybersecurity incident response needs.

List Quality

Precision and defensibility are imperative to incident response after a cyber security attack. Our QC measures go beyond validating our own processes and verify data elements unique to the individuals within the compromised data set.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether the breached data is covered by GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, CPRA, or another regulation, our compliance experts ensure that cyber incident notification lists meet the requirements of applicable agencies and jurisdictions.

Project Affordability

Huge data volumes, legacy databases, and image PDFs are just a few of the factors that contribute to budget-busting review and data breach notification list creation costs. With client approval, we avail ourselves of reduced labor costs for highly skilled offshore reviewers to meet project budgets.

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CyTrex Cyber helps entities that need assistance managing a cybersecurity incident or that want to learn more about cyber breach management. Insurance carriers, law firms, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions depend on us for cyber incident response support.

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