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Need to create a breach notification list?

When your business experiences a data breach, you must notify law enforcement along with affected businesses and individuals. Let CyTrex Cyber cull down impacted data and produce an accurate notification list, so you can move forward to recovery.

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Want to understand breach notification laws by jurisdiction?

Breach notification requirements vary by jurisdiction, so you need to understand the directives that apply to your incident. CyTrex Cyber’s professionals have extensive experience in breach notification for jurisdictions across the globe. Let us help you understand your obligations.

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Have a cybersecurity attack and need help now?

After a cybersecurity attack, you need one point of contact to ensure that your response is effective, efficient and thorough. CyTrex Response Managers oversee the entire process so you can focus on keeping your business running.

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CyTrex Cyber helps entities that need assistance managing a cybersecurity incident or that want to learn more about cyber breach management. Insurance carriers, law firms, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions depend on us for cyber incident response support.

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