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Our Leadership

Twilla Case- Co-Founder and CEO of CyTrex Cyber

Chief executive officer

Twilla Case

Twilla Case is the co-founder and CEO of CyTrex Cyber. Twilla is a recognized and proven business leader responsible for the start and growth of organizations specializing in eDiscovery, information governance, and cybersecurity. Her clients span state and local education (SLED), government, private and publicly traded organizations, and law firms. She is a sought-after solutions expert in culling down complex data to extract key information quickly, accurately and at a cost savings.

Josh Franks- Chief Operating Officer 

Chief Operating Officer

Josh Franks

Josh Franks joined CyTrex Cyber in July 2022 and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He is involved with various aspects of the CyTrex Cyber business, including operations, finance, and client consultations. Josh has significant experience managing legal operations from small local teams to large teams spread throughout the globe. While Josh has experience in the legal field and is a graduate of New England Law Boston ’14 with a specialty in business law and tax law, he found his passion in the Cyber Incident Response space and applies his legal experience to this ever-growing field. Previously, Josh was involved in the Sales and Lodging Tax Software arena, a blend of technology and applicable local tax on a local, state, and global application. This impressive background has allowed Josh to blend cyber incident response issues with technology and the knowledge of overall data workflow.

Our Values

inclusive Culture

Our culture defines us; it sets expectations for how our people work together and with clients and how we function as a team.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is not a program; it is a mindset that drives everyone at CyTrex to look for ways to make our processes more efficient and effective.

Stronger Partnerships

Collaboration is central to successful cyber incident responses; CyTrex’s network of partners team up to put these events behind you.

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After a cyber breach, you need a team ready to hit the ground running. We’re here for you 24/7/365. That’s our promise.

Our incident response project managers, data analytics experts, and review specialists are seasoned professionals who understand the magnitude of the situation your company is facing and the related expenses.We are here to ensure timely, accurate notification of affected parties.

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CyTrex Cyber helps entities that need assistance managing a cybersecurity incident or that want to learn more about cyber breach management. Insurance carriers, law firms, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions depend on us for cyber incident response support.

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