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Cyber resiliency is now a vitally important concern for businesses of every size. As companies go through digital transformation, more of their business functions and data are in the cloud and online, enabling employees to work from anywhere, creating "sprawl." And, as the workforce becomes more global and mobile, companies face increasing numbers of threats to the organization's security. A dynamic asset inventory and a detailed incident response plan can be a saving grace in preparation for the day a threat becomes a cyber incident or breach. By providing businesses with the flexibility, people, expertise, and tools, they need to respond to cyber incidents and breaches and protect their company assets, CyTrex Cyber incident response experts can become a valued business partner.

Incident Response Cybersecurity Services

CyTrex Cyber has developed an ecosystem of partnerships with industry-leading cybersecurity companies, law firms, crisis communications teams, insurance carriers, and notification agents, making us an easy call to make when a cyber incident or breach happens. Having the right people with the right experience, skillsets, and sense of urgency is a must in a crisis. Our incident response specialist team of experienced cybersecurity professionals has a clear track record of success, helping small and large businesses quickly respond to cyber incidents and breaches. Under attorney-client privilege, our teams can swiftly identify the source of the attack and take steps to mitigate the damage. This includes isolating infected systems, containing the spread of the attack, identifying and removing any malicious software or code, identifying and notifying people impacted by the breach, communicating it appropriately to the public, employees, and other business partners, and incorporating the lessons learned into the company's on-going security posture.

Cyber Incident Response Plans

Foundational components of a company's security posture are a dynamic asset inventory and an Incident Response Plan or IRP. A dynamic asset inventory is created and kept current using behavioral analytics, is shared between the IT and cybersecurity teams, and helps prevent shadow IT from creeping into the environment. The asset inventory allows the cybersecurity team to prioritize the level of response needed to a cyber threat by categorizing the importance of the asset to the business. The incident response plan can be viewed as an emergency response plan that names the crisis commander, the crisis team leaders, reporting and communication protocols, and the steps the organization will take in case of a data breach or cyber attack. But having a plan is not enough. The incident response plan should contain playbooks for different incident and breach scenarios, including ransomware, phishing, and business email compromise. And to ensure the plan runs smoothly and that there is"muscle memory," emergency drills or tabletop exercises should be consistently run.

By having a cyber incident response plan in place, businesses can minimize the damage and downtime caused by a cyber incident or breach and get back to normal day-to-day business operations more quickly. An incident response plan helps you quickly identify, contain, and respond to a cyber incident, vastly reducing the potential impact of a data breach.

Cyber Incident Response from CyTrex Cyber

As an Incident Response Services Provider, CyTrex Cyber offers various other cybersecurity services through our partnership ecosystem, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and security audits. These cybersecurity offerings help businesses identify potential vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity defenses and take steps to remediate them before cybercriminals can exploit them. CyTrex Cyber stands apart from other cybersecurity companies because of our focus on customized customer service. Our seasoned cybersecurity experts and Incident Response Project Managers work closely with every client to understand their longer-term strategic and tactical needs and provide customized solutions to meet those needs.

In summary, CyTrex Cyber is a top industry provider of Security Services for Incident Response, Cyber Incident Response Plans, Cyber Incident Response, Cybersecurity Incident Response, and Incident Response Services. The CyTrex Cyber team of experienced cybersecurity professionals has a sterling track record of success, helping businesses of every size respond quickly and effectively to cyber incidents. By teaming with CyTrex Cyber, businesses can minimize the damage caused by cyber threats and data breaches and protect their assets from future attacks. If you are looking for a trusted cybersecurity partner, look no further than CyTrex Cyber. Contact CyTrex Cyber today to learn more about dynamic asset inventories using behavioral analytics, incident response planning, and incident response.

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CyTrex Cyber helps entities that need assistance managing a cybersecurity incident or that want to learn more about cyber breach management. Insurance carriers, law firms, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions depend on us for cyber incident response support.

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